Plenaries & Sessions

Plenary Speakers:

  • Dr. Terry Humphreys, Psychology Department, Trent University : “Attitudes and Beliefs of Sexual Consent”
  • Dr. Lori Schindel Martin, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Ryerson University : “Sexual Consent, Dementia and Aging”
  • Dr. Charlene Senn, Department of Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies Program, University of Windsor : “Evidence-based Campus Sexual Violence Interventions”
  • Native Youth Sexual Health Network : “Colonial Consent and Indigenous Bodies, Land, and Water”

Sessions Presentations:

  • Thursday, June 2: Morning Session
    A) Julie Lalonde, Draw-the-Line : “I don’t want to be a cockblock-Conversations  about consent and bystander intervention”
    B) Yamikani Msosa, Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa : “One size doesn’t fit all-Bridging consent culture to racialized communities’ experiences within the Canadian context”
    C) Soula Christin Gountouvas and Alain Saleh, COPA : “Primary Prevention Education-COPA’s approach to consent and rights for everyone”
    D) Meaghan Cunningham and Jill Witkin, Ministry of the Attorney General : “Criminal Law-Intoxication, Consent and Capacity”
  • Thursday, June 2: Afternoon Session
    E) Consent Culture on Campus Panel with Eleanor McGrath, Wilfrid Laurier University; Allison Hector-Alexander, Durham College; and Karly Rath, Neha Soni and Taylor Berzins, Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent
    F) Mikiki, Central Toronto Community Health Centre; Andrew Zealley, York University; and Suzanne Paddock, Toronto People with AIDS Foundation : “Without Consent-Conceptualizations and Implications of Sexual Assault on Gay Men”
    G) Keetha Mercer, Canadian Women’s Foundation : “Consent and relationships : early prevention intervention, long term impact”
    H) Nicole MacDougall and Julia Chan, Queen’s University : “Women and ‘Consent’ in Online Spaces”
  • Friday, June 3: Morning Session
    A) Dr. Melanie Beres, University of Otago, New Zealand : “Negotiating conflicting meanings of sexual consent-Implications for sexual violence prevention” 
    B) Nancy Stevens and Delores Lalonde, Niijkiwendidaa Anishnaabekwewag Services Circle : “Mnaadendamowin (Respect)-All relations start with this”
    C) Ian DeGeer, Wilfrid Laurier University and Kate Bojin, White Ribbon Campaign : “#webelieveyou-Exploring the role of fathers in sexual violence prevention and response”
    D)  Dr. Eric Mykhalovskiy, York University; Dr. Terry Humphreys, Trent University; Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, Peterborough County-City Health Unit; and James Wilton, Epidemiologist, Ontario HIV Treatment Network: “Communicating HIV Status: Disclosure, Criminalization and Consent”
  • Friday, June 3: Afternoon Session
    E) Diana Tikasz, Hamilton Health Sciences : “Neurobiology of Trauma-Implications on Sexual Assault and Consent”
    F) anya gwynne, Rainbow Youth @PARN : “Self-care as warfare-The art of healthy queer relationships”
    G) Shannon Salisbury, University of Toronto/OISE :“Consent is in the curriculum so how do we teach it?”
    H)  Complexities of Youth Victimization and Criminalization Panel with Emily Chan, Justice for Children and Youth; and Pearl Rimer, Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Poster Presentations:

  • Stephanie Cosma, Derek Cozzi and Maria Gurevich, Ryerson University : “Creating consent: conflating compliance with consent in men’s sex advice and media”
  • Sarah Rogers, Victim Services Toronto : “Safe S.P.A.C.E. (Students and Partners Against Cyber-Violence Everywhere”
  • Dylan Schentag and Dr. Dusty Johnstone, University of Windsor : “Bridging the gap: An educational tool to connect rape culture and physical acts of sexual violence”
  • Graham Watson, therapist : “Effectiveness of consent-centred education in reducing sexual violence”
  • Anne Rudzinski and Dr. Dusty Johnstone, University of Windsor : “Women’s experiences of verbal sexual coercion”
  • Allison Cadwallader and Dr. Dusty Johnstone, University of Windsor : “Consent workshops at the University of Windsor”
  • Katelyn Troastle, Cindy Struckman-Johnston, and Dave Struckman-Johnston, University of South Dakota : “Rape culture and the millennial generation”
  • Anita Shaw and Dr. Jacqueline Holler, University of Northern British Columbia : “Adolescent girls’ experiences of unwanted heterosexual intercourse”
  • Emily Thomas, Dr. Monika Stelzl, Dr. Michelle Lafrance and Derek Cozzi, Ryerson University and St. Thomas University : ‘ “It was consensual but…”: Negotiating (non)consent and (non)desire in women’s sexual encounters.’
  • Cst. Maureen Greyeyes-Brant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police : “Demystifying what is meant by the age of sexual consent”
  • Raeann Rideout, Elder Abuse Ontario : “Sexual abuse in later life-Intervention resources for service providers and partners in care”
  • Lisa Clarke et. al., Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre : “Lessons from behind the door-A community needs assessment addressing the response to and prevention of sexual violence against women and girls in the City and County of Peterborough”

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